SweatingSweating is a normal part of a healthy life, but some men and women develop a medical condition that causes excessive sweating. For those living in or around Mt. Pleasant and East Lansing, Michigan, Saif Fatteh, MD, of Lansing Podiatry & Dermatology offers treatments that can help get your sweating under control. Don’t live with excessive sweating when there are safe and effective treatments available. Schedule a visit online or by phone today to get started.

How much sweating is too much sweating?

Your body produces perspiration as a reaction to high air temperature. It’s also normal to sweat when you’re exercising, nervous, anxious, or under acute stress. Normally, the nerves that control your sweat glands send a message to stop sweat production when those factors are no longer present.

In some cases, a malfunction in that feedback loop causes your body to continue producing sweat even when there is no longer a need to perspire. This is a condition called hyperhidrosis, and it can occur in just one area of your body or all over.

How do I know if I have hyperhidrosis?

Everyone sweats, and some people sweat more than others. Hyperhidrosis is different because the sweating occurs even when there is no clear cause.

You might find yourself sweating in an air-conditioned room, or when you’re doing nothing more strenuous than sitting down for dinner with friends or watching television. You might be perfectly dry one moment, then even the thought about an anxiety-triggering scenario can cause you to break out in heavy sweat.

What are some treatments for excessive sweating?

Your treatment path is designed with your specific needs in mind. Dr. Fatteh has multiple approaches from which to choose, and he can discuss the pros and cons of each option with you in detail.

BotoxⓇ injections can help control sweating by preventing your body from releasing a chemical that triggers your sweat glands. Injections are administered in your underarms or even in the soles of your feet or the palms of your hands. Results can last for nearly a year, but it may take multiple injections to achieve optimal results.

Certain medications can also help control excessive sweating. Some drugs work by preventing your sweat glands from activating, but they come with a risk of potentially serious side effects. Dr. Fatteh can help you decide if the benefits of drug therapy are worth the risks.

If you’re tired of never knowing when excessive sweating will get in the way of your normal daily routines, schedule an appointment with Dr. Fatteh to explore treatment options. You can set up a visit online any time of day or night, or call during business hours to check availability.

Excessive sweating is not usually a serious medical issue, but it can certainly be disruptive and embarrassing. Fortunately, there are treatments that can help get your sweating under control.